Best Fire Pit For Wood Deck – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020)

Did you know that many cultures used to cut the turf above the fire pit in a special ceremony? However rituals change, one thing is for sure – lightning fire and gathering around it remained a tradition even in our modern world. But instead of digging holes and starting a fire there, you can simply choose the best fire pit for a wood deck and place it in your garden.

And since there are so many patio fire pit products, we have created this buying guide to help you pick the one that addresses your needs. Also, our team has made a compilation of the most important features to look for in a fire pit, as well as types of fire pits and their benefits and drawbacks.

Outland Living Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

Outland Living Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

  • Price: $$$
  • BTU : 35,000
  • Size : 44 Inch
  • Dimensions : 44 x 32 x 23
  • Weight : 96 pounds
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Christopher Knight Home Outdoor Square Stone Fire Pit Table

Christopher Knight Home Outdoor Square Stone Fire Pit Table

  • Price : $$$$
  • BTU : 40,000
  • Size : 32 Inch
  • Dimensions : 32 x 32 x 24
  • Weight : 155 pounds
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Real Flame Baltic Square Natural Gas Table

Real Flame Baltic Square Natural Gas Table

  • Price : $$$$$
  • BTU : 50,000
  • Size : 36 Inch
  • Dimensions : 36 x 36 x 15.5
  • Weight : 152 pounds
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Landmann Barrone Fire Pit with Cover

Landmann Barrone Fire Pit with Cover

  • Price : $$
  • BTU : N / A
  • Size : 26 Inch
  • Dimensions : 26.3 x 26.3 x 25.2
  • Weight : 22 pounds
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Outland Firebowl Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

Outland Firebowl Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

  • Price : $
  • BTU : 58,000
  • Size : 24 Inch
  • Dimensions : 24 x 24 x 13
  • Weight : 34 pounds
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Catalina Creations Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit

Catalina Creations Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit

  • Price : $$
  • BTU : N / A
  • Size : 29 Inch
  • Dimensions : 29.5 x 29.5 x 19.7
  • Weight : 45 pounds
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Best Fire Pit For Wood Decks (Updated List)

Before giving you the latest and most practical information on how to get ready for a fire pit on a wood deck bargain, we will begin with the products that definitely deserve your attention. What is more, our team sorted out essential benefits and drawbacks for each item.

1. Outland Living Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

Outland Living Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit TableThis product is a promising purchase if you look for a functional and elegant fire pit. The Outland Living Series Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table has a rectangular shape and it will look perfect in your backyard, patio or poolside. It has two sides that are removable for easy access of the 20 lb tank. This unit comes with ultraviolet light high-density polyethylene wicker and powder-coated aluminum frame construction, which are weather and rust-resistant. Also, there is a 3 feet hose with regulator, attached in advance. The top of the deck fire pit table is made of 8mm black tempered glass and the most convenient thing is that there is enough room outside the fire pit to put your drinks and snacks. The product comes with 35.000 BTU and is 100% smoke-free. What is more, there is a 1-year Limited Warranty.


  • 10 inch from the fire pit to the edge & 7.5 inches from black glass to the edge of the table
  • adjustable flame up to 8 inches
  • easy to install
  • stainless steel burner


  • no natural gas conversion kit
  • accessories like wind fence guard or cover are bought separately

2. Christopher Knight Home Outdoor Square Stone Fire Pit Table

Christopher Knight Home Outdoor Square Stone Fire Pit TableAnother great product is Christopher Knight Home Crawford Outdoor Square Stone Fire Pit Table. It comes with 40 000BTU propane gas tank and ignitor battery to adjust fire flames.  This unit is made to withstand harsh weather conditions due to the tenacious steel used when manufactured. This is the reason why we believe this fire pit on a deck cover can perfectly fit in your open space area. What is more, the top is stone composite and the fire pit’s construction is made of fireproof magnesium oxide, which turns it into a long-lasting and promising bargain. The ledge is wide – 8 inches and you do not have to assemble this item. On top of this, you will get a bonus-lava rock to place inside. The fire pit cover is included as well. Nevertheless, you should give thought to the place where you will install this item as it weighs 155 pounds. Also, the heat from this product may not be what you expect, so grab a blanket if the night is cold.


  • resistant to mold, mildew and other outdoor elements
  • stone composite top
  • good for roasting marshmallows
  • reasonably priced


  • no windshield
  • gray cement composite may start chipping with time

3. Real Flame Baltic Square Natural Gas Table

Real Flame Baltic Square Natural Gas TableReal flame has a terrific offer to compliment your garden furniture or indoor space. This unit burns natural gas and comes with 50 000BTU of heat. It also has a CSA Certification and therefore you need a licensed professional to connect the 10-inch gas hose to your installation. What is more, the cast is made of tinted fiber and heavy gauge steel and perhaps this is the reason why it weighs 152 pounds.  The ledge is only 4 inches but that doesn’t mean you can’t warm your marshmallows and place your drinks around the fire. And when you are not using the fire pit on a covered deck, you can put the matching lid on top of it. Moreover, this item comes with electronic ignition and a storage cover. But if you live in a place where it gets really cold at night, do not expect to warm up around this product unless you are really close to it. Nevertheless, you may try installing an umbrella over the fire pit to keep heat in.


  • electronic ignition
  • gas valves are entirely hidden
  • ½ inches standard quick connect adaptor
  • can be used on a wood deck


  • a bit pricey
  • rocks in the middle get very hot

4. Landmann Barrone Fire Pit with Cover

Landmann Barrone Fire Pit with CoverThis firebox comes with a decorative crosshatch design. The Landmann 25282 Barrone Fire Pit has many features included when purchased like poker and a large spark screen with handle. The product is also only 22 pounds heavy and 4 decorative legs support this weight. Also, this fire pit holds good-sized logs thanks to the 10-inch walls which contain the wood and hot coals. And if you wonder what happens to the black powder that is left after the wood or coal has burnt, then we will give you the answer-it stays inside. The screen prevents the ash to scatter around and hence keeps the area around clean. In addition, you can easily get the ashes out into a small bucket. It is a good idea as well to put some sand in the bottom for better performance. However, think of this item as an open fire in a stone ring and keep it away from the wood.


  • compact size 3 x 26.3 x 25.2 inches
  • 26-inch fire pit
  • built-in wood grate
  • a steel wire mesh inlay on the side of the pit
  • durable cover


  • not much control of the fire
  • no cooking top

5. Outland Firebowl Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

Outland Firebowl Outdoor Propane Gas Fire PitIf you are searching for a compact and mobile small fire bowl, then the Outland Firebowl 883 Mega Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit is the right product for you. It is economic of space and can fit everywhere, which is a huge benefit when you go camping, for example. Also, it comes with a UV-resistant and waterproof cover that makes it the perfect choice for any outdoor get-togethers. This item is made of high-quality steel with protective enamel and it weighs only 34 pounds. What is more, you control the height of the fire with a chrome valve knob with a rubber grip. In addition, this fire-burning invention has 58 000 BTU/HR and comes with a 10-feet hose. Despite its size, the unit is very stable because it sits on three massive legs. Moreover, due to the fact that you control the fire, there won’t be a problem to place it on a covered porch or wooden deck.


  • 1-year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty
  • safe to use during most campfire bans
  • the natural gas conversion kit can be bought separately
  • no assembly


  • 20 lb propane cylinder not included
  • no auto-ignition switch

6. Catalina Creations Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit

Catalina Creations Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire PitThis product will certainly give a finishing touch to your yard furniture. Its gripping design will make you want it from the first sight. The star and moon handmade cutouts on the Catalina Creations Fire Pit are not only fascinating, but they also help with proper airflow. What is more, you will not have to worry about ashes or embers falling out of the fire bowl decorative holes. The sturdy 29.5 inches wide cast iron cauldron is big enough to hold good-sized logs and furthermore, you can separate the bowl from the stand for labor-saving clean-up. This item comes with a screen lifting tool, log grate, and protective outdoor cover as well. The only thing to remember, however, is safety when you have to deal with a fire that you do not control. It’s better to place it on a stone, brick, sand or concrete surface as it gets really hot at the bottom and it is fire-hazard on the grass.


  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • removable 24-inch mesh spark screen
  • fire can be extinguished with water
  • 4 sturdy legs for extra support


  • can’t be placed on flammable surfaces
  • no cooking grate included

7. Sunnydaze Fire Pit with Spark Screen

Sunnydaze Fire Pit with Spark ScreenA little bit more expensive, but still elegant and functional, the Sunnydaze 42 Inch Large Fire Pit has a lot to offer you. It is 23 inches tall and lighter than other products of the same type – only 36 pounds. Also, this item is held up by three 5-inch legs which add extra credit for stability. The tabletop fire bowl comes with built-in grate strips to keep wood, a firewood lifting tool, and a spark screen as well. Also, the special high-temperature paint used for this product makes it resistant to heat. Except for logs, wood, and paper, you can even burn brush and leaves in it. And if this sounds too ambitious, then you might be curious about whether you can cook with it. This large fire pit is perfect for preparing hot dogs and marshmallows, although it is not a good idea trying to use it as a grill. Just keep in mind, however, keeping it at least 6-8 feet away from your house.


  • portable
  • 1-year warranty
  • easy assembly
  • 75 mm steel construction


  • the metal is very thin and rusts quickly
  • no drain holes for rain

What Is A Fire Pit For A Wood Deck?

Best Fire Pit For Wood DeckA fire pit is such a device that contains and holds fire. Moreover, fire pits are designed to prevent the fire from spreading and thus gives you the ultimate comfort and convenience of a controlled hot bright stream of fire in your garden. It is not just the cosines that wood-burning fire pit creates, it is also the opportunity to cook over an open flame, warm up around it and have a good time as well.

Fire pits on covered deck can be purchased from stores or ordered from the internet and they come in different shapes, size, materials and various ways of keeping the fire burning. Usually, these devices are manufactured to operate with natural gas, propane, bioethanol or wood.

Types of Fire Pits

Fire Pit For Wood Deck typesAs you are already aware of the different types of burning material for fire pits on a covered deck, scroll down to find out more about the main types of these units.

  1. Fire Pit Tables

    A fire pit table is actually a table but with a special place for the burning fire. This product is the perfect solution for those who seek adjustable flame that can reach up to 10 inches the highest. In addition, there is enough space for you to lay your drink and snack. Firepit tables usually require a lot of space and if your table is built from stone, for example, it won’t be easily moved once installed. However, not all fire pit tables are built with stone. There are other designs with a large metallic table frame and a fire bowl set in the middle. And moreover, fire pit tables are not a reliable way to warm up in cold weather.

  2. Chimineas

These fire pits are open on all sides, with a chimney which is held up by a cast-iron frame and sturdy mesh walls. Chimineas are easy to find and they are sold at most home and garden stores. However, these items are usually pretty heavy and once placed it will be difficult to move to another place in your garden. Also, the base is made of cast iron frame so that the product is stable and sturdy. Chimineas come in different styles and materials like clay, ceramic, iron, etc. You can burn wood in it and enjoy their unique style and smoke control feature. However, this type of fire pit is most beneficial for a smaller group of people.

  1. Fire Bowls

When it comes to a campfire effect, fire bowls are a perfect choice. These large metallic fireboxes are very low to the ground and come with a contemporary style. They hold a good amount of logs in their deep enough cauldron.  Also, they are supported by sturdy legs and have a large spark screen. They are probably the most portable and reasonably –priced compared to other options. The greatest part is the fact that you can cook simple food like marshmallows or hotdogs. Nevertheless, safety comes first with fire bowls as the fire is uncontrolled and if you place this item on the wrong surface, then you will head for disaster.

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What Makes A Good Fire Pit After All?

Fire Pit For Wood Deck ReviewsA good fire pit is the fire pit that addresses your needs. Depending on several features like your budget, free space in the garden, personal preferences and taste, the perfect choice for a fire pit on a covered deck can be something poles apart. However, you should give some thought to our general tips and practical advice on how to pick your perfect product.

  1. The ground you are going to install the unit is essential. It means that if you have a patio yard, then your options are unlimited. You can choose from propane, natural gas or wood-burning fire pit. However, with fire bowls with logs, you should be careful not to place them on your lawn or wooden deck.
  2. The size of your open space is also crucial. Deck fire pit tables are available in different dimensions, so make sure you calculate your target spot in the garden in advance.
  3. Some items come with accessories like a windshield, protective cover, gas hoses, spark screen, etc., depending on the type of fire pit. Make sure to check what is included in the prize and whether you need to buy something extra.
  4. The warranty is also a must. This way you can always return your product if you are not satisfied or have issues with it.
  5. Think about the product’s weight too. There are rarely any models with wheels, so once you install your deck fire pit table, it will be really hard to change its place.
  6. Another idea to suggest is the material of the main features your unit comes with. The more advanced and refined they are, the bigger the price you pay will be. For example, aluminum frames and electronic ignitions are among the highlights many manufacturers offer.
  7. All fire pits except for the wood-burning ones have different BTU. In other words, this is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature and therefore higher BTU means better performance and more power for the flame.
  8. Last, but not least important, is the CSA Certification that some products have. In some areas, there are specific rules about the outdoor fire pits you are allowed to buy. What is more, if not installed properly, you may put yourself in danger as well as the people around you. Furthermore, improper installing can expose you to toxic substances, so carbon monoxide and its effects are something serious to contemplate.

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Choosing Your Fire Pit For Wood Deck

Here we are going to share some key details about the most popular materials used for manufacturing fire pits. These should give you a better idea of what to look for and how to most appropriately meet your specific needs.

The elements used for manufacturing fire pits vary as well as their performance in terms of heat resistance, weather conditions, and durability. Here are some of the most common materials and their brief characteristics.

1. Resin

This material is also called resin wicker and is usually made of polyethylene. Because of its durability, it is preferred for manufacturing outdoor patio furniture and hence used as a key element in fire pits construction. What is more, the resin is UV resistant and impervious to water. And resin is often used over an aluminum frame for extra longevity of the product.

2. Stainless Steel

Another type of material that is strong and resilient is stainless steel. It is characterized by a high melting point and impact resistance. Moreover, this sturdy matter can withstand harsh weather conditions without traces of rust or stains. Another plus is that you will have no problems to clean it. However, it is a really heavy and expensive component of fire pits. We definitely think that you will benefit from stainless steel fire performance as is inert and stable under oxidizing conditions, which are found in almost all flames and heat sources.

3. Concrete

Concrete is something like sand or crushed limestone that is added to the cement mix to give specific qualities. These characteristics are the reason why concrete is a preferred material for fire pits construction. One of the strongest points in favor of concrete is its resistance to high temperatures. The wood-burning process requires a sturdy substance to keep the fire inside. Besides, concrete stays unaffected by water and hence rain or damp weather cannot harm this material. In addition, the concrete mixture is proof against stains. Finally, the structure of concrete is such that the quality of the material will improve with time.

4. Cast Iron

This hard type of iron is well-known for its wear and deformation resistance. Moreover, it is a great source to conduct and radiate heat despite its low melting temperature, compared to pure iron. These qualities make cast iron a great material for manufacturing fire bowls. However, such products tend to be quite heavy and difficult to move around.

5. Aluminum

This material is mainly used for the frame structure of the fire pit for a wood deck. It is very lightweight and in fact, its weight is about a third that of steel. What is more, it is corrosion resistant and that means low maintenance for the homeowner.

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Types Of Fuel For Fire Pits On A Wood Deck – Which is better?

Fire Pit For Wood DeckWhen it comes to the different sources used for keeping the fire burning in your fire pit, there are a few power methods. It all comes down to your budget, space and time for maintenance. Here we will give you an extensive description of what you need for each fuel type, as well as some useful suggestions to help you make up your mind.

1. Natural Gas Fire Pits

These products are safe enough for your outdoor use. But always read the instructions before use. Some items come with a warning that you have to turn to a licensed professional for the installation, and we strongly advise you to do it. And you need to keep flammable materials at a safe distance to prevent them from catching fire. Here are some natural gas fire pits the main pros and cons.


  • light and heat instantly without the hassle of chopping and storing wood
  • smoke from the fire is not smelly which can enhance your open-air experience
  • more economical, so you will not spend too much to enjoy this item in your garden
  • since it is lighter than air, this substance dissipates quickly upwards, making it a safer pit or fire table fuel


  • natural gas is odorless but due to safety issues, a chemical is added to smell like rotten eggs
  • if you do not have installed a gas line in your household, then running such in order to connect it to your fire pit can cost you an arm and a leg

2. Propane Fire Pits

Propane is a gas that is heavier than air and can pull at ground level. Hence, a falling spark can cause an uncontrolled fire. So, following safety instructions is a must and besides, our team has some advantages and disadvantages for you to consider before heading to the store for propane fire pits.


  • A convenient way to create a warm environment in your yard.
  • Not that expensive and it comes in different sizes of the propane tank.
  • Propane tank is hidden inside the fire pit to enhance the appearance of the item.
  • You can adjust the height of the flame
  • When you want to put out the fire, you don’t need extra equipment like a bucket of water or fire extinguisher, all you do is press a button.
  • You can place your fire pit on a covered deck either outside, inside the house or under a covered porch.


  • Most manufacturers do not include propane tank, but point out the capacity it’s intended for
  • Propane fire pits can’t give you the same warmth as wood fire pits
  • Cooking on a propane fire pit can clog the fire rings and hence damage your item
  • When the fuel is over, you will have to get a new tank, which will require your free time and money.

3. Bioethanol Fire Pits

There is another way of fuelling a fire pit by using bioethanol. This substance burns clean because ethanol fuels fast amount of oxygen. In addition, it is environmentally friendly since the only things produced by this type of alcohol used for providing heat are carbon dioxide and water. Moreover, you will be amazed to find out that bioethanol is the result of a natural process called fermentation, which leads to a clean circle of energy.

Here are some advantages and disadvantage of using this type of fuel for your fire pits:


  • burns without smoke, smell or toxin
  • no special venting or gas required
  • the portable device can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • very easy to light, no sparks
  • low maintenance since there is no ash to clean up


  • can’t cook on it
  • it produces less heat
  • if the weather is windy, you can expect the flame to get flat

4. Wood Burning Fire Pits

The wood-burning process used as a tool for warming up and cooking has been known for ages. Now, there are modern products that combine feasibility and comfort in one. In addition, there plenty of materials used for manufacturing an outdoor fire pit wood burning like steel, bricks or concrete. Moreover, the new models are portable and come in a compact size. And if you prefer this traditional way, then you may wish to give some thoughts about its advantages and disadvantage.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Cheaper compared to natural gas and propane-fueled fire pits
  • The heat coming from a real wood fire is greater
  • You can cook marshmallows or hotdogs
  • Campfire feel
  • No need to run a gas line


  • You need to clean the fire bowl regularly in order to get its best performance
  • No control of fire flames and difficult to start a fire
  • Need for fire extinguisher close at hand
  • Must stay at least 6 feet away from your house
  • Can’t place it on flammable surfaces like grass or wooden deck
  • Unpleasant smoke

Best Fire Pit For Wood Deck Comparison Chart

Outland Living Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table
$$$35,00044 Inch44 x 32 x 2396 pounds
Christopher Knight Home Outdoor Square Stone Fire Pit Table
$$$$40,00032 Inch32 x 32 x 24155 pounds
Real Flame Baltic Square Natural Gas Table
$$$$$50,00036 Inch36 x 36 x 15.5152 pounds
Landmann Barrone Fire Pit with Cover
$$N / A26 Inch26.3 x 26.3 x 25.222 pounds
Outland Firebowl Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit
$58,00024 Inch24 x 24 x 1334 pounds
Catalina Creations Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit
$$N / A29 Inch29.5 x 29.5 x 19.745 pounds

Wrap Up

We have reached the end of our comprehensive guide to give you the most up-to-date information about our top pick product reviews and expert advice on what to look for before buying. Our team hopes that now you know exactly how the best fire pit for a wood deck will suit your needs in order to furnish your outdoor space.

As always, we are open to your feedback and would appreciate any comment left by you. If you liked the article, show it to your friends or share it online. Let us know if anything can be changed or improved. Thanks for reading and as always – stay put!

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