Best ATV Snow Plow Reviews – (Buying Guide 2020)

You get up from your bed, all warmed up, you look through the window and then… for the love of God – it’s winter and it is full of snow outside! There is so much snow to plow but you don’t want to use your truck so you wonder what you could do. And then it hits you, you have an ATV that could do the job for you but only if you have the best ATV snow plow.

So, you start reading, asking and looking for information and finally, here you are, reading our specially created buying guide on how to find the most suitable snow plow for your ATV.

Don’t get confused, though, plows can be used for other things, except cleaning heavy snow, you just need to be a bit creative. We will talk about all this later on in our buying guide that is full of useful information, tips and reviews of the top products on the market, nowadays. Let’s get started.

WARN ProVantage 50" Straight Plow Blade

WARN ProVantage Straight Plow Blade

  • Price : $$
  • Dimensions : 51.5 x 18.8 x 6.4″
  • Weight : 56.2 pounds
  • Size : 50″
  • Made : 12 gauge steel construction
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Extreme Max 5500.5010 UniPlow One-Box ATV Plow

Extreme Max 5500.5010 UniPlow One-Box ATV Plow

  • Price : $$$
  • Dimensions : 50 x 0.2 x 16″
  • Weight : 92.1 pounds
  • Size : 50″
  • Made : Corrosion-resistant steel construction
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Swisher 50-Inch Universal ATV Plow Blade

Swisher Universal ATV Plow Blade

  • Price : $$$$$
  • Dimensions : 52 x 12 x 19.5″
  • Weight : 107 pounds
  • Size : 50″
  • Made : 1/8” steel construction
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WARN ProVantage 72" Side X Side Straight Blade

WARN ProVantage 72″ Side X Side Straight Blade

  • Price : $$$$
  • Dimensions : 21 x 76 x 8″
  • Weight : 123 pounds
  • Size : 72″
  • Made : Thick 12-gauge steel construction
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Kolpin UTV Switchblade Plow

Kolpin UTV Switchblade Plow

  • Price: $$$
  • Dimensions : 34.8 x 17.7 x 7.9″
  • Weight : 128 pounds
  • Size : 60″ or 72″
  • Made : Stamped steel
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WARN ProVantage ATV Front Plow Mount Kit

WARN ProVantage ATV Front Plow Mount Kit

  • Price: $
  • Dimensions : 9 x 21 x 6″
  • Weight : 5 pounds
  • Size : N/A
  • Made : Heavy steel
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Best 6 ATV Snow Plow Reviews

Let us introduce you to the top list of the finest products on the market right now. They are not arranged in any specific order simply because that is impossible – they all would be a great addition to your garden stuff.

1. WARN ProVantage Straight Plow Blade

WARN ProVantage 50" Straight Plow BladeWith its efficiency, WARN 78950 ProVantage 50 is a really good plowing option, especially for beginners. It does its job quickly and easily, without costing a fortune. A product, which shouldn’t be overlooked. With its heavy-duty 12 gauge steel, which is rippled for extra sturdiness, this snow blade has an impressive capacity to clear snow effectively.

Another feature, which makes it stand out is its amazing ability to clear snow effortlessly on surfaces with level changes. It has a center cross that adds more harshness to the plow and secures the ATV when removing snow from slopes.

What’s more about this product is its low-friction finish element. Thanks to it, unwanted materials are kept from getting stuck to the blade, preventing future damages. But you should know that if by any chance you run into a hard object, you don’t need to worry. The blade of the plow will react by shifting to absorb the shock. This way harm to the ATV operator is reduced to a minimum.


  • It is perfect for beginners.
  • Easy to install and use even on sloped areas.
  • It has a thick 12 gauge steel construction, which makes it durable.
  • Features a large diameter central pivot system.
  • Low-friction powder-coated finish.


  • This product does not come with included mounting equipment.

2. Extreme Max 5500.5010 UniPlow One-Box ATV Plow

Extreme Max 5500.5010 UniPlow One-Box ATV PlowThis UniPlow kit is easy to use. It measures up to 16 inches from top to bottom and clears snow with only one push. A really nice feature is the universality of its plow, this means that it can be easily attached to any ATV, especially using the angle of the rear wheel.

Made out of high-quality steel, this blade comes with a Uni-Mount mechanism that has a polished black finish. You do not need to worry about the terrain you have. This blade uses a skid pad so you can use this plow on numerous types of landscape.

With this product clearing snow has never been easier. This is because the plow can be adjusted to 6 different directions. All you need to do is place the pin and the blade in the wanted direction and you are ready to go. You will be able to operate it easily and clear snow at any angle. Note that this product comes with one year warranty.


  • Quick and easy to install and operate with.
  • Universal feature mount, which makes the plow compatible with any ATV.
  • Corrosion-resistant steel construction made to last you a lot of time.


  • It doesn’t include a winch

3. Swisher Universal ATV Plow Blade

Swisher 50-Inch Universal ATV Plow BladeDo you need a plow for large-scale areas? With its 50-inch wide rolled blade and 1/8” steel construction, it is extremely durable and effectively clears big amount of snow with one single push! Compared to other products, this plow has a strong construction, which allows you maximum control when you remove mud, snow or even gravel.

Even though it’s quite big, you can still easily attach and remove it from your working machine. In order to be mounted carefully, you will need to buy an all-inclusive mounting kit, because the plow does not include one. The plow comes equipped with a double bolting point system, allowing you to lock the blade at the desired angle and leave it where you set it.

Another useful tip we can give to you is that this particular plow is not suitable for smaller ATV’s, because it is made for bigger areas with heavy snow or dirt.


  • Extremely powerful, meaning it’s designed for clearing big areas.
  • Study and rugged, which makes it durable
  • Easy to attach and detach to your ATV.


  • Lacks a universal feature mounting kit.
  • Not suitable for smaller ATVs, because it is a little heavy for them.

4. WARN ProVantage 72″ Side X Side Straight Blade

WARN ProVantage 72" Side X Side Straight BladeMade from thick 12-gauge steel with heavy-duty ribbing this snow plow is good for clearing heavily covered snow areas. Another advantage is its low-friction powder coated finish, which helps keeping materials from sticking to the blade, making your work easy and effective.

Coming with hardware to attach the blade to the mount, this plow is really easy to use and, what is more, it can be attached to most of the vehicles. But don’t forget that this is just the blade. A really useful tip is that before ordering it, make sure you buy a mounting kit because this is not included with the blade.

With its boxed design, this product has extra support, so when you are using it for a large amount of snow, you do not need to worry that something will crack, during the operation. If this is not enough, then let us tell you that WARN 79958 ProVatnage has a center cross member for added rigidity, which will make it easy to manipulate and put in on the desired angle.


  • A durable thick 12-gauge steel construction.
  • Ideal for heavy-duty ribbing, because of its boxed design.
  • Center cross feature for extra rigidity.
  • Low-friction powder coated finish, which keeps material from sticking to the blade.


  • Not suitable for all ATVs.
  • Not enough sectional area for preventing the blade from bending.

5. Kolpin UTV Switchblade Plow

Kolpin UTV Switchblade PlowHaving a universal mount, Kolpin UTV Switchblade Plow is easily operated and used. Coming with an assortment of hardware and mounts, this blade can be positioned at 5 different angles, and provide a secure mount to most vehicles. You also get a manual with instructions on how to connect it to your vehicle.

This universal plow has a complete UTV system in one box – everything you need to start plowing today. The blade is made from stamped steel technology and can be adjusted to either 60″ or 72” width. When assembled, it is 17” tall. In under one hour, you can easily assemble and install the under-body mount, with no effort.

This unit will clear snow efficiently, give you safe use and easy installation. What else do you need? This product contains everything you would need during a strong winter.


  • Complete UTV Plow System
  • Stamped steel blade technology, which can be adjusted to either 60″ or 72”width.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Universal under-body mount.
  • This blade can be placed in five different position angles!


  • Does not come with a winch.
  • It will be good if you get rid of mount during non-plowing seasons.

6. WARN ProVantage ATV Front Plow Mount Kit

WARN ProVantage ATV Front Plow Mount KitAre you tired of crawling under your machine every time to attach and remove the snow plow? With WARN 79403 this is no longer needed. Due to its self-location pin design, based at the vehicle’s front you can effortlessly remove and put back the plow.

WARN 79043 is effective and easy to use snowplow. Another advantage is the ease of “attach” and “remove”. When you want to reattach the plow from your machine and use it somewhere else, you will see that the plow will simply clamp into the mounting bracket. No need to go under the vehicle to connect the push tube anymore.

This heavy steel machine does the job for which it’s designed. What is more, there is no need to reduce ground clearance, which makes it a perfect product for someone who can not wait long to move the plowing ground when snow begins to pile up.


  • The mount is located at the front of the vehicle, no need to go under the ATV to attach it.
  • Quickly and easily installed and removed.
  • There is no need to get rid of the mount during non-plowing seasons.
  • No reduction in ground clearance.


  • It’s pretty heavy.

What Is A Snow Plow And Why Do You Need It?

Best ATV Snow PlowA snow plow is a wedge-shaped shoveling tool that is great for clearing snow, ice, and other materials. It is designed to be mounted on vehicles, such as trucks, tractors, and ATVs. If you have large amounts of snow during the winter season, this device is a great solution for you.

A snow plow is a powerful attachment that uses a front-mounted scraping blade in order to clear the snow from outdoor paths and surfaces.  The plow attachment uses various mounting and support components, therefore, the blades come in various designs.

There is a huge amount of factors to consider before buying yourself an ATV snow plow – ATVs can be three or four wheelers, the material of the snow plow is important, there are different designs of snow plows and more. Don’t panic, we will cover everything important, starting with why you need a snow plow.

The answer is simple. If you want to have a great chicken soup you will look for some tasty chicken breasts; if you like the idea of hardscaping and want to have well-maintained patio stones, you will look for the best paver sealer; logically, if you want a snow-free driveway you will get yourself the top snow plow.

Which Are The Basic Components Of An ATV Snow Plow?

  • Blade – As we already said, this is the main component. There are different sizes of blades ranging between 42 inches and 78 inches. They can be made of steel, polyurethane or aluminum and their design can also be different.
  • Mounting kit- It is always different depending on the location it is made to be installed in.
  • Push Tubes – This is the component that allows a plow blade to be attached to your ATV. The push tube is connected to the mounting bracket and spreads out to the front. Sometimes there are multiple mounting points to be found alongside the push tube. Some push tubes even have multiple mountain angles and/or mechanisms that will allow the blade plane angle to be reset while on the fly.
  • Skid Plates/Feet/shoes: They are the component which prevents surface damage caused by the blade. They are designed to keep the blade above the horizontal surface plane and just like the wear bar attachment are a widespread accessory. People use them mostly in gravel driveways. That is because sometimes the blade can accumulate dirt and surface gravel and push it into your yard. Skid plates help reduce the risk.

Which Are The Optional Components Of An ATV Snow Plow?

  • Winch – It is used to give more power to the plow blade.
  • Manual lift – You connect the manual lift to the push tubes in order to utilize leverage to lift and lower the plow blade. This is really useful when it comes to maintaining good ground clearance.
  • Power lifts – They are often hydraulic and are used as a replacement of the winch. With them, you can move the plow blade up and down.
  • Plow weight bars – These help the blade dig deeper into the snow. If you have a great amount of snow in the area where you live, you can consider getting these. They add downward force to the blade and are attached to its top.
  • Wear bars – They do not only prevent blades from wearing out but also reduce irritating sounds.
  • Plow shields/ wings – They keep the edges in good condition and help you move the snow in the direction you want.
  • Power blade rotators – These gadgets are usually hydraulic and having them allows you to angle the plow blade only with the push of a button.
  • Blade markers – They need to be connected to the ends of the blade and are used to determine the location of the sides of the blade whenever there are tight movements. They look like strange antennas but in reality, they serve an important purpose.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An ATV Snow Plow

ATV Snow Plow ReviewsWe have reviewed many gardening products developed for your convenience and each one has different advantages and disadvantages. However, it is always important to consider all factors before buying a certain product. Let’s see some of the things you will need to think about before choosing an ATV snow plow.

  • Material

We start with this because the construction of the plow unit is essential when it comes to efficiency and performance. The most common material on the snow plow market is steel. Albeit, you can find various types of steel each having its own good and bad features. Keep in mind that corrosion, dents, and breakage are some of the things you will have to encounter. Remember that cheap units almost always use feeble materials.

  • Weight

It is really important to know how heavy your ATV is, as the weight of your vehicle and the weight of the snow plow are connected. You can’t buy a heavy-duty snow plow for a lightweight ATV, for example. This can not only be dangerous for the driver but can also damage the ATV’s suspension.

  • Width

Once again, it is important to consider not only your personal needs but also the size of your ATV. If your ATV is of bigger size, you would like to get yourself a bigger and wider plow. That way, logically, you will be able to shovel more snow out of your way.

  • Design

The V-shape and the straight blade shape are the two basic snowplow designs. The straight plow tends to be lighter and cheaper, probably that’s why people prefer it and it is the most common type. We will talk about all the differences later on in our buying guide, so don’t stop reading!

  • Lifting System

Fully hydraulic systems are the easiest to use and that is why people prefer them. However, there are two other types of lifting systems – the manual approach system and the onboard ATV winch. Each snowplow kit has its own specification so don’t forget to check before buy.

  • The area you are about to plow

Let’s say you have a big pond that you need to maintain. It is only normal to look for the top-rated pond filters that is big and strong enough to filter your huge pond. Well, it is the same with cleaning roads, parking lots or parks. If that is what you want to plow, you would have to use a bigger snow plow. If, on the other hand, you have a long driveway that requires maneuvers, a smaller plow with a shorter width will be a good option.

  • Tires

There are a lot of tips for effective snow and ice removal, one of which is choosing your tires carefully. The type of tires you put on your vehicle affects the efficiency of the snow plow. You need to look for tires with good tread and suitable size as they will offer you a better purchase on the snow.

Types Of Snow Plows

Using your ATV with a snow plow is not an unusual thing to do. However, you should be careful when you choose the type of snow plow you desire.

  • Straight Blade

This design has no movable parts, therefore consist only of one part. You can use it, without any problem, for open spaces that have no obstructions. When compared to other types of snow plows, this one produces better scrape results.

  • V-Blade

The blade of this type of snow plow has smaller shapes – V-shape, inverted V-shape, and sometimes the form of a straight blade. That is why this type of snow plow can easily be used for narrower paths and is known to be super flexible.

  • Containment Plow

Despite the fact that it is shaped like a box, it functions mainly as a straight blade. It is a non-adjustable type that, unlike straight blades, produces no windrows of snow. With this type, you will have minimized snow spilling and by that, some spared time.

No matter the type, our team advises you to always look for well-rated snow plows.

Types Of Lift Systems

  • Manual System

This only sounds difficult but once you get used to it, it will not be a problem at all especially if your blade is aluminum. Choosing a snow plow with a manual lift system you will have to move the plow on your own, by hand. Usually, this method is preferred when we speak from a financial point of view as it is the most affordable.

  • Automatic System / Electrical System

This is the more convenient choice because the plow is powered by an electric motor or a winch. Some people also call this system “on board system” due to the fact that you have full control of your snow plow from your seat. It is of no doubt that these systems are more convenient but they are also more expensive.

  • Direct Lift Hydraulic System

There are some devices you can buy as an addition to your plow that will allow you to move the snow without turning your vehicle. These hydraulic turn mechanisms will pivot the blade to the left or the right allowing you to move the snow in the direction you desire. Therefore, the snow plows with a direct hydraulic system are a bit more expensive but as our team likes to say, convenience does not have a price.

Don’t forget that ATVs and UTVs are two different types of vehicles despite the common usages they have. That’s why when you have an ATV you need to look for the most suitable ATV snow plow system and when you own a UTV – the best UTV snow plow system.

Mounting Positions

Usually, UTV and ATV plows have three mounting positions:

  • Front mount – This is the most common snow plow mounting method in which the plow is attached to a front receiver hitch. It could also be attached to an applicator specific bracket.
  • Center mount – With this method, a plate is installed at the center of the ATV’s frame and then the snow plow is attached to that plate. When compared to a front-mounted plow, this type offers better structural rigidity when plowing.
  • Rear mount – This is the least common type as it is not so good with actual plowing as it is with leveling uneven surfaces. The snow plow is attached to rear receiver hitches.

Whether it is Front mount vs Center mount or Rear mount vs Front mount, you should remember that all three types are good. It’s just that they are good for different things and we need to know exactly what we look for.

How to Plow Snow With Your ATV?

ATV Snow PlowThree easy steps, guys! Nothing hard, nothing impossible.

  • Attach the plow to the ATV. You will need to lower the blade according to the requirements of your system. Pushing or scooping the snow, start driving forward and then after pilling the snow where you wanted, backward.
  • Always start cleaning form the farthest point of your designated dump area. This way you will save both time and fuel.
  • If you first dump snow to the sides of the driveway, temporarily, of course, you will probably get the job done a bit faster. Afterward, you will plow the piled snow directly to the place you want.

Other Usages Of Snow Plows

If you get creative you will see that snow plows can be used for other purposes different then plowing snow. Here are some ideas that you could try.

  • Debris – You could use your ATV and the attached snow pow to clean your fallen leaves, for example.
  • Moving things around – You could move different stuff around if you decide to convert the plow into a small forklift.
  • Mulch – You could always use the plow as a loader and spread mulch. With this tool, you could even be able to level a beach.

Best ATV Snow Plow Comparison Chart

WARN ProVantage 50" Straight Plow Blade
$$50"12 gauge steel construction51.5 x 18.8 x 6.456.2 pounds
Extreme Max 5500.5010 UniPlow One-Box ATV Plow
$$$50"Corrosion-resistant steel construction50 x 0.2 x 1692.1 pounds
Swisher 50-Inch Universal ATV Plow Blade
$$$$$50"1/8” steel construction52 x 12 x 19.5107 pounds
WARN ProVantage 72" Side X Side Straight Blade
$$$$72"thick 12-gauge steel construction21 x 76 x 8123 pounds
Kolpin UTV Switchblade Plow
$$$60" or 72"Stamped steel34.8 x 17.7 x 7.9128 pounds
WARN ProVantage ATV Front Plow Mount Kit
$N / AHeavy steel9 x 21 x 65 pounds

Wrap up

As you can see, finding the best ATV snow plow is not an easy task to undertake for there are many things to consider. Still, as this is the end of our buying guide, we hope that we have helped you and pushed you in the right direction in order to find the most applicable unit for your personal needs.

We like it when our readers give us some sort of feedback, so if you think, for example, that we have missed something in our buying guide just pop us an email or leave a comment. Also, don’t forget to share this piece with others if you liked it.

There are a lot of different products you could need in order to bring out the maximum potential of your beloved ATV, so don’t forget to check out some of our other articles on how to find the most suitable unit. Thanks for reading, and as always – stay put!

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