There’s no doubt that a home should be just as cozy on the outside as it is on the inside. The fact that you need excellent landscaping cannot be news for you. However, we at BackyardPro understand that few people know exactly what needs to be done when it comes to maintaining a visibly pleasing garden or lawn.

As always, we are here to provide you with expert help even though we are simply consumers just like you are. Since we keep a close eye on what’s available on the market, we have gone through quite a few products in order to provide you with up-to-date information.

The Main Outline

Our team also understand that a very well-built green area is going to have its merits even during winter time. All of this has led us to focus on three main aspects when it comes to taking care of a lawn. We have divided our guides into the following 4 categories:

  • Sprayers
  • Grass
  • Winter products
  • Others

Products Related To Liquid Distribution

Liquids and their proper distribution over a lawn are one of the key factors to success. It is not only about water, but herbicides as well. The size of the sprayer, to a greater degree, is determined by the size of your lawn. In case you find yourself mowing with a ride-on lawnmower then spraying will also require the use of larger products.

In this sense, a tow behind sprayer will likely be your best option. This is a big sprayer which typically comes with a tank. This whole contraption is then attached to either a tractor, an ATV or a lawnmower. As you can see, this product is good for large green areas.

What really matters here is the material of the tank as heavier ones will be harder to move around. On the other hand, you don’t want to get the one made out of the cheapest plastic because it will have a very short life. Watch for the spray pattern of the sprayer as well.

Smaller lawns, of course, will not require such a massive amount of water or herbicides. In that sense, you can go for a smaller product such as the backpack sprayer. This is a neat gadget which places the tank on your back resembling a backpack. What you have to do is walk around your garden and use the sprayer nozzle which ideally would be located in your hand.

A huge upside of this sort of sprayer is that you will be able to focus on certain plants or areas because the stream is not as chaotic. With a backpack sprayer, you combine the pleasure of walking around the lawn with something useful such as watering or disinfecting.

The simplest of gardens and lawns can be watered simply by using a hose. A fine addition to any garden hose is the hose end sprayer. This little device will enhance the water stream and with it, you will be able to reach further than usual.

There are a number of spray patterns and the best part is that almost every hose end sprayer comes with an adjustable head. By simply rotating the head or pressing a button, you will be able to achieve the exact spray pattern that you want. A more focused one will be nice if you want to aim at certain plants. You need to be careful with this, though, because focused water flow is very strong and it might end up damaging the plants.

The limiting factor here is the fact that you cannot really run freely when using a hose. Furthermore, you want to determine a certain path for the hose to follow in order to avoid going over fragile plants and fresh sod. This is the main reason why we mentioned that you need a small lawn instead of a big one if you are going to use a garden hose.

Knowing when to water and when not to is crucial because you don’t want to go overboard with the watering business. Most plants cannot take excessive amounts of water and you need to know just how much watering you ought to do. What will aid you in this particular challenge is the rain gauge.

Thanks to this invention, you can monitor exactly how much rain you get during each rainfall. If you go by the numbers, you will know full well if your lawn requires watering at all.

After All, The Greens are The Stars of the Show

Our crew’s main focus has fallen on the grass-related issues as we know full well that what you put in the ground matters the most. We have gone over the most important topics not only when it comes to grass seeds, their types and how to choose them but also when it comes to fertilization of the soil.

This last topic is aided by the presence of our top class guide on fertilizer spreaders. Your domestic garden needs will rarely call for the use of industrial equipment. That is why the fertilizer spreaders which we have reviewed resemble simple wheelbarrows. Still, they share many great qualities such as maneuverability, ease of use and impressive spreading capabilities.

Can we tell you a secret? Everything mentioned in the previous paragraph can be avoided when you go for the finest artificial grass available out there. Yep, you heard us right – not every lawn requires seeding, watering and growing. There’s nothing wrong with having artificial grass outside as it will save you a lot of troubles, time and money.

It will have a couple of drawbacks, however, one of which is that it will not look as natural as the real sod. Another downside of artificial grass is related to how it reacts to heavy rains. The short answer is: not well. That’s because this is essentially a carpet which gets soaking wet. It really becomes like a marchland and draining the grass of all the rainwater doesn’t happen naturally. You either have to wait till it dries out or have to invest heavily in a draining system.

And yet, if you are dealing with alive grass like many of us here at BackyardPro, you will need to find the most efficient way to mow it. A number of yards are not located on the even ground. Everyone knows that the blades of an automatic lawn mower can get damaged if there’s a sudden change of the surface level.

This calls for the use of a specialized zero turn mower for hills. These machines are exceptionally versatile and unlike other mowers, they can handle some steep hills without any problems. No need to panic anymore, just visit our detailed guide and learn about those mowing gadgets.

There are other means of maintaining the growth of your garden and the so-called “weed wacker” comes to mind. However, there is a more advanced piece of machinery than the weed wacker and it is called a brush cutter blade.

This handheld mower features a circular blade which is made out of metal. It is many times stronger and more reliable than your weed whacker. Such a product is excellent for trimming and focusing on the edges of your garden. Speaking of edges, these areas require a lot of attention as they are an important detail to every landscaping project.

Our crew has taken the time to describe and explain the importance of the finest landscape edging products on the market. If you check out our piece, you will find all sorts of edgings with different color patterns. They are also made of a wide array of materials and each one will come with its pros & cons.

But let’s not digress and let’s go back to controlling the growth and the overall looks of your lawn. Here we should mention another useful piece of machinery – the lawn tractor. It is obvious that it will potentially give you plenty of upsides but there is one key thing which needs to be taken into consideration by you – the consumer.

The lawn tractor battery is an important part and it often requires changing. Our goal is to give you fewer headaches when it comes to your garden chores and this is why we will point out which are the top batteries for lawn tractors to keep an eye on.

We’ve all heard that mowing only enhances and boosts the growth of grass and plants, right? This is great but it also helps weed grow. Our team will not talk about certain herbicides and other dangerous substances to use as we support the idea that a garden can look fantastically without the use of hazardous materials.

This is why our idea of dealing with weeds involves the utilization of a weed barrier. While this looks like a simple product, and it really is, it is also a very useful one. By covering the area with a weed barrier and only allowing select plants to grow through it, you ensure that weeds will not get any sunlight and fresh air. This is a very safe and easy way to deal with unwanted plants in your home garden.

Is It Ever Too Cold To Spend Time Outside?

It was already mentioned above that we at BackyardPro understand full well that you want to use and visit your garden all-year-round. This is why we have outlined a couple of products related not only to plants and landscaping but to the so-called hardscaping.

When it isn’t very warm outside, you and your family might want to start a fire and enjoy the occasional marshmallow. The safest and most convenient way to do so is by installing a fire pit for your wood deck. Yep, that’s right – your wood deck, not just your patio or backyard.

Even though we will let you know which exactly the best products to buy are, you should consult with a professional prior to installing such a unit on your deck. Even though these products are safe and very well insulated, there’s still some fire hazard to be mindful of.

Another representative of the hardscaping family is the paver sealer. This is a substance which sort of polishes your pavement, makes it more resistant to weather and definitely highlights its textures. The best thing is that you can either spray it or distribute it using a mop. In fact, a paver sealer will also be a great addition to your fire pit because most fire pits are actually made of stone or granite.

One of the most irritating and tiresome chores to do in your garden during the winter is snow plowing. But wait, there is one easy way to do it as long as you own an ATV. Follow our informative guide on the best ATV snow plows and after you buy one, come and shake our hand.

This thing will surely change the way you view snow plowing because it turns it into a child’s play. Of course, using an ATV to get rid of snow is only functional in case your yard is spacious. Such an invention will not be very convenient for a small lawn in front of your house but if you feel like doing a couple of circles with your ATV then go for it.

Since we don’t want to ever leave anyone behind, we have compiled a couple of guides for niche garden products. They are both electric and will not be useful to everyone but just too few people with specific requirements.

For Those Of You With “Special” Gardens

The first one is the pond filter. In case you run an artificial pond in your yard, you don’t want it to turn into a swamp. Keeping it clean is done thanks to the use of a pond filter and you get to learn all about it from our extensive guide on the subject.

And finally, if you love your garden so much that you actually want to deter animals from infiltrating it, you might want to go for an electric fence. Don’t worry, it sounds more dangerous than it actually is. These fences are perfectly legal and the only thing you want to sort out is getting the right electric fence charger.

So now that you have a clear picture about what you will find on our website, don’t waste any more time and dive into the knowledge we are willing to share.